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Tuition Policy

The current tuition rates are:
$120 per month for Piano Lessons.
$140 per month for Voice or Acting Lessons.

Tuition pays your enrollment at the Gift of Music. With enrollment you have a secured time slot with your instructor for four (4) one half (1/2) hour lessons given once a week for four weeks. In the event a month has five weeks, the 5th week will be given off or used as make up time. Also included with enrollment is added help with recitals, auditions, pageants, etc to insure you’ll be at your best. You will also receive consultation when necessary with selection, care and maintenance of your instruments. One (1) hour lessons are available upon request for double the tuition.

Specialty workshops are priced depending on time and type required and are paid per session.

Tuition is due in full, the first lesson of every month. If you do not have payment upon arrival you may be refused service. Tuition remaining unpaid for more than one (1) week will result in late fees (see bottom of page) and no payment after four (4) weeks may result in losing your enrollment and having your slot given to students on a waiting list.
We accept Cash, Check, Money Order, and the following Credit Cards:
Visa, Master Card, Amex

Make-Up Lessons
Make up lessons will only be issued in the event a teacher cancels or if we receive 24 hour notice from the student. A make up lesson will be given when the month and or instructor’s schedule allow. In the event a student does not give 24 notice, there will be no make up lesson.

Mix & Match
In the event you wish to split lessons (2 piano/2 voice for example) it must first be discussed and approved by both Eileen Bates as well as the instructor involved. If it is a workable arrangement, it will be granted.

Late Fees
Tuition is due the first lesson of every month. This means it is due on or before the 7th of each month. Payments received after that will be subject to the following fees.
Payments made on or after the 8th ~ $5.00
Payments made on or after the 15th ~ $10.00
Payments made on or after the 22nd ~ $20.00
Payments made on or after the 28th ~ $40.00*